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Check out some testimonials from our customers.

“Richard and Jerry from Siegel Landscape and Drainage did a great job installing a new drainage system to remove excess water from the back yard after having concrete edging installed. The edging acted as a damn and water was pooling. But now the excess water is being removed by the French drains and the yard is dry and usable once more. Thanks Siegel Landscape and Drainage. “
-Richard J. Leisner of West Seneca, New York

“One of the best decisions for me to make was to have your company install drain tiles in my back yard. I cannot express my excitement to experience a dry cellar after all the rain we’ve had!”
-C. Johnson

“I knew it wouldn’t be long before my drain tiles were tested, and sure enough Friday night we had a pretty heavy downpour. I crossed my fingers while walking downstairs and I was in shock at the sight of my dry basement floor. Not only was my basement floor dry, but there wasn’t one puddle on my lawn. Now that was exciting!”
-A. Cammarata

“We wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the excellent job you did on our interior drain tile. Terry and his crew were extremely professional and we were very impressed with the high quality work they performed. We can’t begin to tell how pleased we have been to walk down into our basement, especially during this last wet spell, and not be splashing through puddles. It was certainly the right decision to contract the work to Siegel and you will certainly have our recommendation. Please accept our sincerest gratitude for a job well done.”
-S. & V. Gee

“Very pleased with the work Paul and his guys did. Can’t wait for the next big rain! It will be a pleasure to have a dry driveway. It was especially nice to have the guys pick up the gas and water markers in the front lawn. Great clean up job.”
-C. Metzler

“We want to sincerely thank you and Siegel Landscaping for not only the outstanding work you performed on our backyard drainage installation but also for the unexpected, over-and-above effort your provided after the initial work was completed. The new drainage system seems to have effectively eliminated the terrible standing water problem we were experiencing in our backyard. Your estimate of the work needed was right-on and your solution fixed the problem. But, the more impressive work from your company came immediately after we had a new perimeter fence installed. When the fence workman inadvertendtly hit an underground phone line requiring that a good portion of what Siegel had recently installed to be torn up, your response to our need was truly exceptional. Siegel associates came to our home and willingly re-installed the drainage system in the affected area – free of charge! Your objectives were to get the job done right and to please the customer. Well, you certainly accomplished both! This was unprecented customer service. Your determination to do the work without cost, without hassle and do it right was deeply appreciated. Thank you again for the highly professional manner in which you treated us and the excellent work you provided. Siegel Landscaping obviously knows its business and even more so, understands what true customer service is all about.”
-J. & W. Bryant


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